Disability Rights Practice

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Jaclyn Okin Barney Esq.Jaclyn Okin Barney Esq. advocates on behalf of people with disabilities through her private legal and consulting practice. With more than seventeen years of experience as a disability rights attorney and advocate, her practice addresses various issues affecting people with disabilities by undertaking work with regard to both policy and legal advocacy on behalf of individual clients and groups.

The areas in which the practice concentrates includes:

Special Education Representation

  • Represent students with disabilities and their parents in special education forums such as IEP meetings, special education mediations, and impartial hearings
  • Conduct trainings for parents, students, principals, administrators, and attorneys in the area of special education

Disability Policy

  • Train organizations and corporations on disability-based topics including disability etiquette and accommodating people with disabilities in employment, higher education and public accommodation contexts.
  • Analyze governmental initiatives and regulations with regard to people with disabilities and formulate responses and counter proposals
  • Produce policy papers or white papers examining current practices affecting people with disabilities
  • Develop legal strategies to advance disability rights efforts
  • Assist foundations or grant giving organizations to analyze and develop priorities for disability rights programs

For more information, please contact Jaclyn Okin Barney at 347-559-5098 or jaclyn@jaclynokinbarney.com

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